What are payroll services?

We offer a payroll department spearheaded by a certified payroll preparer under the guidelines of the American Payroll Association (APA) and the National Association of Certified Payroll Specialists (NACPS).  

In order to achieve the desired payroll outcomes of our client, we employ both internal and external payroll processing that can allow for additional human resource elements and benefit planning from a tax compliance standpoint.

the triton group's payroll services include:

  • Weekly, Semi-Weekly or Monthly payroll preparation for your business.

  • QuickBooks training in preparing in house payroll for your business.

  • Payroll processing using outsourced payroll services, including providers such as Paychex Flex.

  • Human Resource elements and benefit planning from a tax compliance standpoint:

    • SEP

    • SIMPLE

    • 401(K)

    • Other tax deferred planning

  • Quarterly payroll tax filings

    • Form 941

    • Form MO-941

    • Form 940

    • MODES Contribution and Wage Report

    • Forms W-2/W-3

  • Available online portals for your employees to access their payroll information securely and efficiently.