Fraud Investigation and Prevention

We use our financial knowledge to investigate your potential business, trust or personal fraud.  By utilizing the most recent investigation techniques we will assist you in locating company theft, misappropriation of property or other corporate frauds.  We can also assist in recommending common processes and procedures that you can take to prevent and deter fraud.  



We use industry specific information to assist business owners and brokers with the daunting task of providing an accurate valuation for their business.  It is important to us that you receive the appropriate sales price when you decide to step away.  We also assist attorneys during divorce cases in determining equitable values when splitting assets and liabilities between two parties.  


Asset-Based Lending Examinations

We provide a value to banks and other collateral-based lenders by examining a client’s assets prior to the approval of a collateral loan or on an ongoing basis.  A filed examination consists of members of our professional team visiting, documenting and accounting for the assets pledged as collateral such as inventory, receivables or machinery.  


Consulting and Expert Witness

We assist attorneys who are looking for consulting advice in personal injury, divorce, criminal and other cases.  We lend credibility to your case through the use of financial forensics, economic trends and life valuation.  Through our agreed-upon procedures we will tailor our work to your case and, if necessary, be a competent and trusted testifying expert on your client’s behalf.